Best Massage Gun – Complete Review Guide 2020

Best Massage guns have exploded in popularity among athletes, swimmers, at gyms and even with everyday use for aches, pain and overall wellness.

Massage guns provide relief to aching muscles and make it easier for athletes and sportsperson to enhance and boost their performance through massage

Best Massage Gun 2020

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Thera Gun G2PRO Professional MassagerTheraGun G3ProCheck Price
TimTam Power Massager v1.5TimTam Power Massager v1.5Check Price
Pleno M5.0 Massage GunPleno M5.0 Massage GunCheck Price
Thera Gun G2PRO Professional MassagerThera Gun G2PRO Professional MassagerCheck Price
Hyperice Hypervolt Portable Massage DeviceHyperice Hypervolt percussion massagerCheck Price

It is also known as percussive personal massage devices, meaning it delivers vibrations deep into the muscles, stimulating blood and lymph circulation. The Best Massage Gun Transfers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and facial tissues helping in reducing muscle fatigue, soreness, and cramps.

In the comfort of your own home, you can use the massage gun and get rid of issues related to lower back pain, neck pain and also a pre-workout warm-up and post-workout recovery.

Best Massage Gun Advantages

Below are our top picks of the best massage gun in the market. These best massage guns have been reviewed for the following:

  • Speed and power
  • Versatility and portability
  • Accessories
  • Battery life


best massage gun
Best Massage gun list – Complete Review list

Thera Gun G2PRO Professional Massager

Speed and Power

Famously used by NBA players and athletes across the globe, Thera Gun G2PRO is probably the best massage gun in the market right now. With 2400 percussions per minute, this massage gun can apply 80 lbs of pressure at a 16 mm amplitude.

It is an extremely powerful massage gun that is claimed to be calibrated by physicians for precise frequency, amplitude, and torque which is designed to give neuromuscular treatment for tight muscle joints and lower back tension.

Versatility and Portability

Thera Gun G2PRO is listed in our list of the Best massage Guns because other than its many useful features, it also comes with four different angle placement variations to treat specific body parts for better results. It is 2 lbs 7.6 oz in weight and 8.5” in length making it easily portable for carrying here and there.


Thera Gun G2PRO comes with a bunch of accessories for the price you pay. These accessories make the whole experience even more effective.

Other than providing relief to muscles, this massage gun also increases the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation in the body.

The different attachments and accessories are:

  • 1 Deluxe Protective Carrying Case
  • 1 Standard Ball AmBIT
  • 1 Large Ball AmpBIT
  • 1 Cone AmpBIT (for deep tissue)
  • 1 Dampener AmpBIT (for bone and sensitive areas)
  • 2 Rechargeable LithiumTech Battery Packs
  • 1 Lithium-ion Charger


The battery life is a definite plus which can last for 45 mins after charging it for an hour. TheraGun recommends keeping both batteries charged so you can pick up the second when the first dies.


The Thera Gun is absolutely brilliant for any top-level athlete or anyone who’s physically active and requires therapy and suffers from sore or tight muscles. It retails for $600, approximately.

It can be an expensive purchase for some but considering the multiple accessories, attachments and beneficial results you get, makes it a great purchase.

It is a high-quality product and you won’t get massagers like Thera Gun with an output of up to 80 lbs of pressure in any other product within the same price range. It is one of the Best Massage Guns available on the Planet.

Hyperice Hypervolt Portable Massage Device

Speed and Power

Hyperice Hypervolt percussion massager is by far the most powerful and best massage gun in the market right now.

You can feel the pressure and percussions of 3200 percussions per minute on the affected areas of the body. The impact of the massage gun can be sensed with muscles getting relaxed.

Hyperice Hypervolt percussion massager is by far the Most powerful and Best massage gun in the market right now. You can feel the pressure and percussions of 3200 percussions per minute on the affected areas of the body.

The impact of the massage gun can be sensed with muscles getting relaxed.

It comes with three adjustable speed levels providing a wide range of speed options to choose from and you can use this feature for minor to major difficult areas of your body.

Versatility and Portability

Hyperice Hypervolt makes it to our list of best massage guns because of this one feature that makes it an outstanding massage gun.

Versatility, it is probably the most versatile massage gun with up to three-speed options to choose from and a great built-in battery technology that prevents the device from making noise.

Hyperice is not at all loud like other massage guns and you can literally talk to someone while using it. It weighs only 2.5 lbs and is easy to hold.

The handle and ergonomic design make it easy to grip for long massage sessions and provides more stability and support to the body.


It comes with four extra attachments, ball head ( the softest one), flathead, bullet head, and forkhead cone. These attachments are different from other massagers in terms of size, shape, and structure.

Other than these interchangeable attachments, you will get a battery and a charger.


The battery used for the Hyperice is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The specific battery for the Hyperice allows a person to a stated three hours of use.

Another outstanding feature of Hyperice that makes it one of the Best Massage Gun is the battery life display feature. The massager has four led lights that will alarm you in case the battery needs to be recharged.

A superb three hours of battery life and an indicator makes Hyperice a great product in the list of the Best Massage Guns.


With four interchangeable attachments, three-hour-long battery life and a noise-free experience, Hyperice is the best massage gun for someone who has a budget for it.

This massage gun is a beast and produces the most amount of percussions, 3200 per minute, thereby quickly relieving the sore muscles and joint pain. It can be used on long as well as small and sensitive muscles.

TheraGun G3Pro

Speed and Power

Thera Gun is synonymous with the best massage guns in the market and is widely known for its products and better quality with each generation of its massage gun. It comes with two adjustable speeds of 1750 strokes per minute and 2400 strokes per minute.

What stands out Thera Gun G3Pro from its predecessor is that it is much quieter now. Like all the best massage guns in the market, TheraGun G3Pro did a fantastic job of limiting the sound without sacrificing the power and speed.

Versatility and Portability

The new generation massage gun is more versatile and functional than the TheraGun G2Pro massage gun. The new model has two operating speeds and 6 attachments for more versatile use.

It comes with an adjustable arm for full body reach so you don’t require assistance every time you use the massage gun.

It weighs 2.90 lbs with dimensions of 257mm x 205mm x 68mm, making it a portable device to carry easily.

The battery is removable so if air travel is in your future, you can pack the battery in your carry-on, but put the rest of the device in your checked bag.


TheraGun offers you two lithium-ion batteries that are easily portable. The two batteries will last you 75 minutes each which is a decent battery life for a product coming with 6 attachments and two-speed levels. The batteries charge quickly allow you to have two ion batteries, in case one of them dies.

The massage gun has a battery life display that makes it easier for the user to know when the battery needs to charge or replaced it with the second lithium-ion battery.

Attachments and Accessories

Here are all the different attachments and accessories you’ll get with the massager:

  • A dampener for tender areas of near bones
  • A large ball for large muscle groups
  • A standard ball for overall use
  • A wedge for scraping, shoulder blades or IT bands
  • A thumb for lower back and trigger point therapy
  • A cone for pinpoint muscle treatment

As far as accessories, the G3Pro comes with two lithium-ion batteries, a battery base stand, and a battery charger. It also comes with a zippered pouch for the attachments and a zippered carrying case with a handle for everything.


To conclude, TheraGun G3Pro is an upgrade of the TheraGun G2Pro and gives you nearly everything you require from the best massage gun. It is a quiet and powerful massage gun which is a rare combination.

It comes with a backup battery which comes handy if you need to replace the battery or even if you misplace one of the two lithium-ion batteries. The 6 attachments give more versatility and unlike its predecessor, it also provides 2-speed levels to choose from.

Pleno M5.0 Massage Gun

Speed and Power

In the list of all the best massage guns, the Pleno M5.0 massage gun holds a special position. It comes with a 24V brushless DC motor and double bearing transmission which brings a high power and low noise experience. It is specially designed to work on the deep tissues whilst increasing the lymphatic flow and reducing lactic acid.

It helps relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms, and stiffness. The new generation Pleno M5.0 is the only massager that offers 9-speed shift adjustments with different frequencies.

Versatility and Portability

Definitely the most versatile massage gun in the list of best massage guns available right now, Pleno M5.0 comes with a brilliant 9-speed shift adjustment to work with.

By combining frequency, amplitude, and torque Pleno works like a deep kneading massager for every area in your body.

This massager comes with 5 attachments to complement the nine-speed levels. It weighs 2.4 lbs which makes it easy to carry and travel with.


Pleno M5.0 is one of the main contenders in the list of the best massage gun due to the facilities and quality products it offers. It has a 24V 2000mAh Power Li-ion Battery which works for 3 hrs of continuous use in the highest gear.

You get a powerful massage tool that works for 3 hours after a charging time of 1.5 hours.

It also comes with its one of a kind independent power management system which is a kind of intelligent charging and discharging to extend battery life that definitely makes it one of the best massage guns in the market.


The massager retails for approximately $399 dollars and comes with the following accessories and attachments:

  • One set of massager
  • 24V Adaptor
  • Five massager tips and one tips bag
  • Instruction manual
  • One handbag

The five different attachments allow you to reach every muscle, every trigger point, scar tissue, back, neck, foot, leg, knot, thigh, hip, arm and provide instant relief within a short span of period.


Pleno M5.0 is a powerful and one of the best massage guns with a lot of added benefits for the price it retails.

It comes with 9 adjustment speeds unlike any other massage gun and also 5 attachments to choose from.

A very important feature that is not available in most of the massage guns is the amount of noise or sound they make.

Pleno M5.0 is really quite and makes no noise whatsoever, giving you a relaxed and therapeutic experience.

TimTam Power Massager v1.5

Speed and Power

The Tim Tam power massager is a powerful device but it lags behind in speed test. This isn’t because it’s not fast or effective enough to provide multiple percussions per minutes, but because it has a simple one-speed adjustment to offer.

However, it goes up to 2,500 percussions per minute, which is on par with the other massagers on this list.

Versatility and Portability

Tim Tam is not the most versatile product in the market when it comes to features like speed adjustments, a variety of massage attachments. The built can be bulky for some, while some may find it better to curb a tight knot at the back, neck, and shoulders.

The head circulates in 90-degrees but comes with only one ball attachment head, which feels quite hard in comparison to other brands’ attachments with textured cushions. If you’re interested in other attachments, you can buy them separately.


The massager is well-liked for its price, but the low price point doesn’t make up for the lack of attachments or accessories. The massage gun itself only comes with one attachment.

However, the standard ball attachment that it comes with is threaded and is screwed into place.

TimTam does have some alternate heads you can purchase which allow it to compete with other massage guns in terms of variability.

It comes with a portable traveling case and a charger for the removable battery.


The battery life might not be as good as the other massagers in the list of the best massage guns but it still suffices for the price we pay.

It comes with a removable 12V lithium-ion battery, you can massage most of your stress points without feeling the charge drop off.

The battery will last you for 30 minutes and you can purchase more batteries for continuous use.


The Tim Tam is a good massager if you are on a budget and just want something to help you work out strained muscles.

While it’s not as powerful as other handheld massagers, the lower price point and decent percussions per minute still make it a great massage gun for home use.

Best Massage Gun Buyer’s Guide

What is a Massage gun?

A massage gun or a percussion massage gun is a device that is used as a warmup or recovery tool. The massage gun promotes the blood flow and lymph flow in the body, thereby increasing the flexibility and muscle developments and tissue recovery.

When used regularly it can help to prevent muscle injury and help the athletes stay longer in the game. It is also useful for anyone suffering from sore muscles, pain in the lower back, muscle cramps or scar tissues.

It is a beneficial part of the pre and post-workout stretching and you can use the different attachments and speed adjustments to pinpoint your target areas.

Best Massage Gun Features

Important features to consider before buying the best massage gun

Best Massage gun comes in different shapes and sizes with designs that aim at helping certain areas in the body.

A lot of these stand out due to their ergonomic shape, power or speed, but before you make a purchase, you should understand what suits you best?

What type of massage gun is going to be able to push deep into your muscles and release tension?

So, here are some features you need to look out for before you buy a massage gun.

Specifications – Best Massage Gun

A lot of percussion guns have a bunch of listed specifications, describing what they’re aimed for.

While a lot of massage guns are made for anyone ranging from a professional sportsperson to a layman suffering from neck pain, there are some that are made solely for people of a specific profession or people suffering from a set of muscle tissues.

For example, the Deep Muscle Stimulator or the DMS, is used in the effective management of acute and chronic pain, including migraine headaches, sciatica, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, edema, myofascial pain, and frozen joints. The RRT Pro2 specializes in powerlifters and professional athletes.

Speed and Percussions per minute

Percussions per minute are the number of times the massager can pulsate and how fast it is. The higher the percussions per minute, the faster and powerful the device is.

However, the best massage gun for you is one that is intense enough for you and is not too hard and painful on your muscles.

You don’t want a massager that is too slow or a massager that’s too intense and powerful for your muscle tissues.

Therefore, it is best to choose a massager that comes with speed adjustments so you can regulate the amount of pressure you want.

Rotation Type

The best massage gun will rotate at an angle of 90 degrees or better. A massager that doesn’t have this type of rotation isn’t the best massage gun.

A better angle will make it easier to reach every corner of the body and apply an appropriate amount of pressure.

Areas like our back and lower back are especially hard to reach if you’re doing it all by yourself. The best massage gun will come handy and will be easy to use in situations like this.

Torque or Pressure

The standard here is around 80 lbs of torque, but it’s also best to test out the massager if you can.

While many massagers boast on their speed, they often can lack torque or stall force. Massage Guns with low stall force can actually be brought to stop pretty easily with a minimal amount of pressure applied.

Speed Adjustments

If your massager has speed adjustments, it will prove out to be more beneficial for you. Not having a speed adjustment is not a problem but all the best massage guns have it.

Speed adjustment gives you the option to choose and regulate the amount of pressure and percussions you want to apply in one region.

Often, for a sensitive area, you require gentle strokes instead of powerful percussions.

Especially, for the lower back, you won’t have to apply all the pressure all at once to the target pain and you can work your way through the different speed levels as you build to a more aggressive speed.

Interchangeable Head Attachments

The different head attachments help in targeting different muscles in the body and with different angles and pressure.

For example, the cone head attachment is for pinpointing muscles in the feet or wrists. Most, but not all, the best massage guns in the market come with several different attachments.

Battery life

The standard for today’s best massage gun is a lithium-ion battery. These should last multiple hours, but you can read the specifications to see what type of battery it uses and how long it holds a charge.

Battery levels will be dependent on the speed settings that are being utilized and how long each massage session is lasting. Massage guns with removable batteries have an advantage because they allow you to purchase additional batteries to have on hand.

Noise Level

Most massage guns are not necessarily quiet devices. If you are hoping to take your massage gun to the gym or office, you’ll want to be sure you consider the noise level of it first.

Some are certainly too loud to be used in a public setting and you’ll want to refrain from using them.

However, there are a few that are quiet enough to be used wherever. Here’s a list of the best massage guns ranked by their noise level.

  1. TheraGun G2Pro / TimTam Power Massager V1.5 – 85-90 DB
  2. TheraGun G3Pro – 70-75 DB
  3. Hyperice Hypervolt – 65-70 DB

How Do the Best Massage Gun Work?

Massage gun applies repetitive pressure on the surface of the body and sends pulses of pressure deep down to the muscle tissue.

The pulsations mimic the movement of a professional deep-tissue massage therapist, except it’s you who’s doing it at the comfort of your home.

The massage gun helps you target specific areas in the body where the muscle is struggling due to exhaustion or tissue rupture.

This device also stimulates the flow of blood and lymph due to multiple strokes and vibratory movement in the body.

The movement of blood and lymph helps in a better and faster recovery. With more pressure, you should feel your tension start to alleviate, as complicated knots and tension strains dissipate.


In practice, the rapid pulsations delivered from a massage gun will soften stiff muscle tissue, and you can target extremely sore muscles by working the surrounding tissue.

Eventually, softening and soothing the surrounding tissue will have a relaxing, soothing impact on the sore, overworked muscle.

Many professional athletes, therapists, and chiropractors are using percussion massagers to minimize pain and discomfort for themselves or their patients, but you can buy your own massage gun to achieve the same results at the gym, office, or while recovering at home.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Massage Gun?

The best massage gun in the market will give you all the benefits and results in the comfort of your own space and without having to pay $50-$150 every time to a masseuse.

The massage gun will give you the same results with just 10 mins of use regularly. The general benefits of the best massage gun include:

  • Offers more pressure and speed than traditional massage
  • Time-saving
  • Money-saving
  • Pinpoint specific muscle groups
  • Completely private

The biggest benefit is obviously instant pain relief. The more specific advantages and benefits of a massage gun are as follows:

  • Release lactic acid
  • Accelerate muscle power and memory
  • Enhance the range of motion
  • Stimulate the blood and lymph circulation
  • Ease soft tissue
  • Help with muscle growth
  • Decreased DOMS
  • Improve muscle responsiveness

How Often Should You use the Massage Gun?

You can use a massage gun every day if you would like, but it’s probably not necessary. You want your muscles to be able to repair, so you wouldn’t use a massager after each workout or before each workout unless you were constantly in muscle pain.

Using a massager on your muscles can lead to tearing of the muscle and other issues, which means you should take it easy if you feel that you have pulled a muscle or may have experienced some kind of injury.

Sometimes tension isn’t just a sore muscle, but there’s something more that should be checked by a doctor.

If you ever feel that your massage is causing more pain or you experience more pain from using massage guns, then you should contact your doctor immediately and see what you can do about your muscle tension through warm wraps and traditional massage.

However, most of the time, percussion massage guns are meant to help with rehabilitation by breaking up scar tissues.

Who Are Massage Guns For?

Massage guns can be used by anyone from a very active individual to a person actively involved in sports, like running, swimming, football, basketball, lifting, etc. if you travel often or simply sit in front of the office desk, a massage gun is beneficial for you too.

They are versatile in nature and allow you to target any muscle of the body provided you have the best massage gun.

Due to their price point, they are more commonly used by serious athletes or those that often find themselves in discomfort.

In addition to athletes and active individuals, many therapists and chiropractors use the devices on their patients as they can often do more work than a therapist in a shorter amount of time.

Summary – Best massage gun

Massage guns in the market is a matter of what suits best for you. Any massage gun that gives you the results you are looking for and relieves you with muscle pain is your best massage gun.

Nevertheless, some massage guns have the right balance of everything that the best massage gun should have.

So make sure you do thorough research of the best massage gun in the market by making a checklist of all the features you are looking for.

Ask yourself these questions before you finally make up your mind:

  • How fast does it go, what are the percussions per minute (PPM or RPM)?
  • How much torque or pounds of pressure can the tool apply to the body?
  • Is the price worth the power and features?
  • Does it look easy-to-use?

Some massage tools simply don’t sit right in the hand. They may be more difficult to maneuver. Others won’t have multiple speed settings or lots of pressure to push into muscles when you really want to get out a tight knot.

You should always consider how you plan to use a massage gun before purchasing the best massage gun for yourself.

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