Best Massage Table – Complete Review 2020

Best Massage Table – History and Complete Review Guide 2020.

The first-ever massage thanks to archaeological evidence can be traced back to 2330 BC The Tomb of Akmanthor, Egypt with depictions of two men getting relaxing rubdowns. This would make it the oldest form of medical care in the world.

However, it did not take long for the practice to make it over to the Eastern part of the world, where some of the best massages can be experienced today.

Best Massage Table 2020

Massage Table
Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
EARTHLITE Harmony DX PortableEARTHLITE Harmony DX PortableCheck Price
Master Balboa Pro Portable Massage TableMaster Balboa Pro Portable Massage TableCheck Price
Saloniture Professional Portable Massage TableSaloniture Professional Portable Massage TableCheck Price
EARTHLITE Avalon Portable Massage Bed TableEARTHLITE Avalon Portable Massage Bed TableCheck Price
Burgundy Premium Portable Massage TableBurgundy Premium Portable Massage TableCheck Price
Aluminium Portable Folding Massage TableAluminium Portable Folding Massage TableCheck Price
Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable TableSierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable TableCheck Price
Sierra Comfort Portable Massage TableSierra Comfort Portable Massage TableCheck Price

The reasons can range from injury rehabilitation and pain management to migraine control and overall wellness. In fact, 63% of massage therapists receive referrals from healthcare professionals.

Earthlite Harmony Massage Table

One of the most popular models currently on the market and one of our favourites as well. It provides all-in-all a wonderful massage experience and is perfect for all kinds of usage.

It is extremely durable and portable hence making it a treat for the mobile therapist.

The most prominent feature is the patented ‘Deluxe Adjustable Face cradle with proprietary Cloud fill poly-gel blend face cradle cushion’. The portable massage table comes in various colours and with complimentary nylon carry case to make it easy for you to move it around.

Following are the specifications

  1. Price: $$$$$
  2. Dimensions: 73 x 30 x 33″
  3. Weight: 33 pounds
  4. Max Weight: 600 lbs
  5. Material: Hard Maple
  6. Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

Master Balboa Pro Portable Massage Table

One of the most visually appealing massage tables in the market. Not just that, it is also extremely functional and value for money. It comes with Five-year guarantee which is very rare in any product across the industry.

This table also has Multi-Layer Small Cell foam, which is much denser than regular foam and creates a luxurious experience for everyone involved.

Some accessories involved: Ergonomic Dream faces cradle, memory foam face pillow, and one single pocket carrying case.

Following are the specifications

  • Price: $$$$
  • Dimensions: 73 x 30 x 34″
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Max Weight: 650 lbs
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

Saloniture Pro Portable Best Massage Table

Another beautiful looking massage table with a variety of colours for your choosing. It is also highly rated across parameters and is perfect for amateurs and professionals.

This table comes with a variety of customizable accessories including an arm sling under the headrest along with winged armrests, allowing for comfortable repositioning when needed.

There are also dedicated spaces for all the accessories to be kept in creating a seamless experience.

The frame is made out of hardwood along with double tension knobs on each leg that provides extra stability to the table.

Following are the specifications

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 72 x 28 x 35.5″
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Max Weight: 450 lbs
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

EARTHLITE Avalon Portable Massage Bed Table

A very lightweight and durable table with a hardwood framing.

It also comes with a high density cushioning along with a patented face cradle called the Flex-Rest self-adjusting face cradle with its Form-Fit memory cushion that dramatically reduces sinus pressure typically felt during a massage.

It comes with a nylon case and should be very easy to transport and take to your appointments anywhere. 

Following are the specifications

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Dimensions: 73 x 30 x 33″
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Max Weight: 750 lbs
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness: 2.75”

Burgundy Premium Portable Massage Table

A fairly economical option with great features and quality. The table frame is made out of beech hardwood and is also very lightweight. It is extremely easy to set up and also comes with a bunch of added accessories such as an oil pouch and fitted sheets.

For such a competitive price, it is certainly one of the best massage tables in the market. It also comes with an option to adjust the height and can be very comfortable for you and your clients.

Following are the specifications

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 74 x 33 x 28″
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Max Weight: 350 lbs
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness: 2.75”

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Table

This is also a very pocket-friendly option and has great quality and a range of top of the shelf features. Made from beech hardwood, this table will prove to be a very durable and convenient option for you. The table comes with a two-year limited warranty and a bunch of useful accessories.

Following are the specifications

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 72 x 28 x 33″
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Max Weight: 450 lbs
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

Aluminium Folding Massage Table

One of the most versatile models of massage tables available in the market, it comes with an aluminium framing and an adjustable backrest option. Again, very durable and sturdy construction and will last you for a very long time.

It comes at an accessible price and with a variety of additional accessories to ensure your clients have the most comfortable massages possible.

Following are the specifications

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 72 x 27 x 36″
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Max Weight: 500 lbs
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

Sierra Portable Massage Table

For the last option, we have kept a very special massage table. The Sierra Comfort Professional is a wonderfully designed product and will be well within your budget.

It’s especially convenient if you’re looking for a massage table for your personal use or you’re just starting your profession.

Its framing is hardwood and is very lightweight and durable at the same time. It comes with a large sum of accessories and also a five-year warranty for the frame.

Following are the specifications

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 72 x 28 x 33″
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Max Weight: 450 lbs
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

There are of course a lot more options available but we have compiled a list of 8 tables for your consideration. We have incorporated all the different features we have previously discussed and hopefully, the list will help you reach your final decision.

Also, with services such as Urban clap and Zeel, people prefer therapists to visit them in the comfort of their homes rather than going to massage centres. Considering this, the demand for massages and massage table are both on the rise.

Now, you may be an organization looking to buy a set the massage table for your business, an individual therapist/chiropractor or just a massage enthusiast looking to purchase a portable massage table and a massage gun for your home.

Either way, your search is over. We will take you through all the factors you should consider before making an informed decision and also through all the best portable massage table of 2020.

A few most common benefits of a massage are reduced stress, improved circulation, improved flexibility, and reduced soreness. However, with the growing popularity of massage therapy across the globe, the purpose of the practice also seems to be evolving.


Why is there a need for a portable massage table at all? We all know the benefits that a massage can have but why can’t we just get massages on our beds, a comfy couch or even on the floor? Here’s why

The reasons can range from injury rehabilitation and pain management to migraine control and overall wellness. In fact, 63% of massage therapists receive referrals from healthcare professionals.

Absolute Comfort

Not all beds, sofas or chairs are as comfortable as we would want them to be. Considering the structure and the material of the table (and also the fact that its sole purpose is to provide you with ultimate relaxation), a best portable massage table is by far the best option for absolute relaxation.


Anyone who has had a massage knows that a massage therapist or chiropractor never stays at just one side or angle of the table.

Depending upon the concerned area of focus, a portable massage table can give a full 360 Degree access to the temple that is your body. The massage would be futile if the masseuse is stressing over the fact that they aren’t able to give you the full experience.


Everyone’s body is different and so are it’s needed. With the availability of options such as height, adjustable armrests, different materials, built-in storage units, the list goes on. The large variety of options available for tables can help you select the one that is right for you and your body.


One of the distinguishing attributes of portable massage tables is, of course, the built-in face cradles. In a lot of pain/stress management practices, breathing techniques play a vital role to help the patient.

With the neck and face in the optimal position, practitioners can help guide you to your state of relaxation more effectively. 

We’ve discussed a lot about the dos and don’ts while purchasing a portable massage table. We also discussed all the various features you need to consider before making a purchase. Now, we will be talking about the best massage tables of 2020 in the market.


Having established the value of a portable massage table, we must now understand the various aspects that go into choosing the best one.  As previously mentioned, the variety and customizability of these massage beds are one of the most unique and novelty features about them.

Thankfully, there is certainly a table out there that can meet the needs of you and your customers to provide the best possible experience and comfort level.


The substance of the massage bed is extremely important since you do not want a flimsy table made out of cheap material you would want a stable build with genuine craftsmanship.

The frame of the best massage table is what creates its stability and can be a make or break for most customers.  There are primarily two kinds of substances that are available – wood and aluminium.

Though both have their benefits, it does come down to your individual preference amongst the two.


Certainly, the most aesthetically pleasing option and will also be suitable for long term usage. The structuring makes it durable and steady and can handle the substantial weight with ease.

This is the option that most old school enthusiasts would prefer as it is a classic way of manufacturing these tables.

Thankfully, with modern craftsmanship, the massage bed have come a long way and are updated with the latest trends and technologies.

The wooden portable massage table is also comparatively easier to build and hence are the more reasonably priced option too. Perfect if you are looking for a table on a budget.


Aluminium is an extraordinary metal and is most commonly known for its low density and its ability to resist corrosion. It is also known for its versatility and lightweight and can be extremely easy to operate.

Due to such qualities, it is used across industries, including aerospace and infrastructure.

All these qualities are definitely echoed over to the massage tables as well. They are extremely easy to set up and is ideal for portability and manoeuvring. If you plan on moving your massage bed around often, you can’t go wrong with an aluminium frame.

In fact, an aluminium massage table can be up to four pounds lighter compared to a wooden one. As a result, these tables have developed customer loyalty despite being fairly new in the industry.

They are extremely easy to set up and is ideal for portability and manoeuvring. If you plan on moving your massage bed around often, you can’t go wrong with an aluminium frame. In fact, an aluminium portable massage table can be up to four pounds lighter compared to a wooden one.

As a result, these portable massage tables have developed customer loyalty despite being fairly new in the industry.


This feature has more to do with functionality than preference. Majority of the best massage table has either two sections or three sections. The third section serves as an additional adjustable panel which can unlock an abundance of additional features.

The primary function of the third section is to offer the client the ability to be seated during a part of the entire treatment. As previously mentioned, the needs of each body are unique and so are the treatments.

Some additional treatments that can be offered with this feature include acupuncture, head massage, reflexology, sports leg treatments, and beauty treatments. Many of such treatments may also serve as opportunities for diversification for one’s massage practice.

You would not want to miss out on those additional services that are in high demand in the market. Especially since cross-selling and upselling can help you scale your business up to 30%.

However, there is a small drawback to the three-tier tables – the additional weight. The third panel, due to the additional screws and hinges may add up to 20% of the weight.

  • First, you may buy backrest that can easily be carried with you and simply placed upon a two-tier massage bed. Most of these backrests are lightweight and fairly modest in size and price.
  • Secondly, if you choose to go with a portable massage table with a lifting backrest, you can also opt for a table transporter. This is a small mechanical device with wheels and is easily added to your portable table. This device can truly make a world of difference to your travelling challenges.

Nonetheless, if you think that you may never use the additional features and that all your needs can be met with a simpler two-tier, you may be absolutely right. In that case, you can go with the more straightforward option and save yourself from this dilemma completely. 

ELECTRIC VS MANUAL Portable Massage Table

With technology growing at the pace that it is, it’s almost impossible to see many things without tech features implemented in them in the future. In the case of the best massage table, technological innovation is already here with tables and handheld massagers.

Now, it is up to you whether or not you feel that such tech is aligned with your usage. With electronic motors fitted into the portable massage table, you can adjust and control various parts of it including the adjustable liftback, height, angles, etc.

Though these are all fairly fundamental technologies, it could be possible that more advanced ones may be implemented one day.

Who knows with smart sofas and fridges, could there be a smart massage table one day? Maybe.

But for now, if you do decide to go for an electric massage table, make sure you think through the following points:


As mentioned, these are fundamental technologies and it is expected that a lot of these electric motors do make a small racket while being used. If you are unable to test out a particular portable massage table, you can always check out some of the online reviews to get a better idea.

These sounds may get a little bothersome especially if you’re making several adjustments in one massage session.


The best electric massage table would not even let you realize that it is being adjusted and would smoothly go from being completely flat out to any angle you would like.

Though you would not spend too much energy thinking about this feature, it is more of a hygiene factor; nobody notices it when you have it, they only notice when you don’t have it.

Methods – There are models that have hand-controlled mechanisms while some have feet-based operating methods. This also boils down to personal preference and while feet-based would be a tad easier, makes no big difference.

Leg Room

Some electric models may have the motor placed in a way that restricts the leg movement underneath the best massage table and can be a challenge for the therapist.

If you feel that you would like to go down the electric route, make sure you are willing to shell out the extra dough. As that motorized feature along with all the above-mentioned one would be coming along with a handsome premium.

Also, this would be more suitable for people who do not plan to carry their massage bed around since the weight would go up substantially.


Another really important feature to consider while planning to buy the best massage table. Though some therapists tend to put down a towel before starting a massage, it may get a little uncomfortable for the client.

There are a lot of times when the client has to move around on the tabletop and you do not want the towel to be falling off. That is the reason why the material of the table should be extremely top-notch!

However, for sanitary reason, a lot of therapists do apply a thin sheet over the table.

Most of the materials used would be durable and difficult to cut or rip through but don’t go around poking the mattress with any sharp objects. The two most commonly used materials are the following:

PU Leather

For those overly curious readers, the PU stands for ‘polyurethane’ and it is the coat that is applied over the split leather. This is a very smooth material and helps mimic the texture and qualities of actual leather.

The purpose is to look and feel similar to leather without having caused any harm to animals. Two of the most significant qualities of this material are that it’s durable and easy to clean.

Cleaning the material is also an important exercise that should be done regularly for obvious reasons.

I’m sure nobody would want to lie down on a dirty massage tabletop for a massage. One thing to consider with this kind of material is that it is not water and oil proof, it is water and oil resistant.

Try your best not spill anything on it as it may cause a strain in the long run. 

For this reason, ensure that you give the table a thorough wipe down after every massage session.

PVC Vinyl Leather

Once again for you special readers – PVC stands for Polyvinylchloride. This material is better known as synthetic leather and it’s the material your imitation leather couch would be made out of.

If you notice, that couch doesn’t feel quite as luxurious or natural as it looks but still pretty good. Though it may fool the eye into believing that it is genuine leather, it is far from it.

Synthetic leather as the name suggests is synthetically created and does not need any animals to be harmed for its manufacturing.

The material is rather thick and can be very resilient and durable, additionally can be wiped clean using a mild detergent.

Lastly, unlike the previous option, this material is oil and water-proof. An important feature since you will be using copious amounts of oil on the portable massage table and wouldn’t want the massage table to get affected by it.

There is a counter-argument to this feature though. As previously mentioned, most therapists tend to put down a towel or a sheet below the client to make the process more sanitary.

These therapists would then argue that there is no need to put too much mind or effort into the upholstery.

Some therapists would believe that this one of the most important factors to consider and that a certain kind of material is the right way to go. These are all completely valid arguments but it does come down to your preference and what you are looking for.

Table Length of the Massage Bed

This can be a fairly straight forward decision if you are looking to buy a table for your personal usage but if you are seeking a table for commercial operations, this may get a bit complex.

Imagine getting a massage with both your feet hanging off the bottom of the massage bed, not such a pleasant experience. It may help to get a demographic understanding of the physical area that you are operating out of.

For example, the standard height of a massage bed is 73 inches and the average male height in China in 67 inches.

Oh, that sounds fairly straightforward but wait, we did not mention that the weight of the portable massage table will also be varying according to the height so you must consider the opportunity cost as well.

More than 73 inches

There will be limited options available in this category since not too many manufacturers opt for it. Plus, it will come with an additional few pounds of weight that may be a challenge to carry around.

Although if you do a particular set of tall clients, you can also opt for a portable massage table that has an adjustable face cradle. This can give an additional seven to nine inches of length and satisfy even the tallest of your clients.

73 inches

This is the standard length of the best massage table and the most preferred by manufacturers as well. 73 inches are just over six feet and could fit most people in your client list.

Another reason why this is the preferred option of most professionals is due to the optimal balance between accommodation and portability.

Less than 73 inches

These massage tables are known for being lightweight and can be amazing when it comes to portability but may not be suitable for everyone. Perhaps for therapists in a particular demographic or ones who are looking particularly for a lightweight option. 

You can also add a face cradle and make sure you get those extra inches to accommodate those taller clients as well.

Once again, an adjustable cradle can extend the length of the table by several inches and hence solve several problems at once.


The decision-making criteria for this feature would be similar to the previous one and a lot of the considerations would remain the same.

It goes without saying that if a portable massage table is not able to accommodate your clients properly, they will have an unpleasant experience that would ruin the entire affair.

The standard width of a table is 28 inches, club that with a 73-inch length and you will have the best massage table. If you a thriving business, you can always mix and match and then adapt according to the dimensions of your respective clients.

Otherwise, the following are the various options at your disposal:

More than 28 inches

You may have clients that are abundant and may need an extra few inches on the table to get comfortably accommodated. As a business person, it is your rightful duty to provide whatever your client needs.

This kind of massage bed is also ideal for elderly clients and helps them become more relaxed and is also easier for them to get on and off it.

However, as is the theme of this article, you must never take the extra weight a feature will add to a table. Additionally, if you are yourself not that tall, it might be a complication for you to reach around the entire massage table with ease.

28 inches

The most commonly used and available best massage table in the market. Statistically, most of your clients would easily be able to fit on this table size. I

If there still are clients that you are unable to accommodate, then there is always the option to add winged armrests to the massage tables to increase the width.

This option should certainly suffice and help you make your clients as comfortable as possible on your table. For therapists within the height range from 5’5″ to 6’2″, as a general rule, you should go for a 28-inch portable massage table.

Less than 28 inches

This is certainly the least common option for width and will have limited buying options. It will obviously be the lightest option and can be a breeze to carry around but can cause some discomfort for your clients.

However, as mentioned in the last option as well, winged armrests can make a world of difference and could help your clients easily turn and adjust to your massage bed for a relaxing experience.


This is one of those rare instances where you need to consider your needs over the clients. Since the therapist will be the one who is mostly standing, the decision needs to be taken according to their height.

Most of the best massage table would come with an adjustable height panel and we would strongly suggest you go for that option irrespective if you are buying for personal or business purposes.

That option will certainly give you more customizability and peace of mind. Most tables would have the option to adjust the height via four to five nobs and would provide a greater variety of treatments.

Also, adjusting the height of any portable massage table is a fairly uncomplicated procedure and can be within a few minutes, even faster if it has an electric feature.


Your client’s weight is not the only thing to consider while understanding the weight capacity of a table. We must also consider the pressure that will be applied by the therapist’s hands and body.

Thankfully, Only the best massage table has the capacity to withstand a weight of up to 600 pounds which makes the therapist’s life easy and they don’t need to worry about applying heavy pressure.

Heavy pressure is required in many forms of massages such as a deep tissue massage or other physical therapies.

The weight capacity of the massage bed is also known as working weight and there are tables available in the market with higher working weights but are rarely considered.


This is perhaps the most important feature when it comes to the comfort of you and your clients. The density of the foam will have a direct correlation to the comfort level experienced.

Hence you must ensure that you make the right decision when planning to buy a good massage table.  There are several varieties of thickness that vary from two inches all the way up to three inches.

The standard thickness of a massage bed would be two inches but surely your clients would prefer a higher density.

Low-density foam

Even if the foam feels very soft in the beginning, chances are that it will slowly start to have indentations, especially toward the centre.

A lower density foam would not only start to give away earlier, but the life of the foam would also be shorter compared to a higher density foam.

High-density foam

This foam will comparatively firmer due to the density but far better in customer satisfaction. After all, that should be the number one priority for any therapist.

It should be made clear that the foam should not be too soft either as that too can cause discomfort for the patient.

A higher density foam will also help you increase the life of your table and hence be a better return on investment as well. With the right quality of usage, the best massage table can last for years.

Of course, maintenance and usage will also be a determining factor.

The purchasing decision would be similar to that of purchasing a mattress. Just an extra inch or two can make a world of difference and give you that true peace of mind and relaxation.

In that regard, there is a third kind of foam which exists known as small-cell foam.

This foam is made from premium materials and therefore may be more on the extravagant side.

This is the kind of material that is as stubborn as a rock in its approach and will always return to its original position no matter how much you beat it down.

Some clients have experienced it to be so relaxing and soothing that they end up dozing off in the middle of a massage. The unique build structure is what provides it with this ability – the lower part of the foam provides steadiness while the top part provides comfort.


The cable system is the best massage table is what provides the extra structural support needed to make the best massage tables. Most of the cables are made of either steel or aluminium but there are tables that use plastic or have no cables at all.

You can surely avoid the later since the cables are partly what help prevent the movement of the massage bed at the time of the massage. It is very important because the table needs to remain very steady during sessions and unrequired movements can ruin the entire experience.


A warranty is a promise that the manufacturer makes to its customers. It is also a sign of surety with which the manufacturer is standing behind its product to build a trust factor.

As is the case with most products, getting the additional warranty is always worth it.

The problem is that most people tend to think short term and miss out to look at the bigger aspects of things. This makes additional sense for the people opting for the electric option since the motors would be costly and challenging to find replacements for.

You find a typical warranty period of one year but it may go up to several years.

However, most manufacturers offer this primarily on the frame of the massage table, which is perhaps the most durable of all the parts.

You may want to go for a warranty of the few additional parts as well such as the foam and upholstery since these are the elements that are most known for wear and tear.

Not only that but these are also the elements that the clients are mostly in contact with.

There are also a few things to check other than the time frame while opting for a warranty:

  • Whom do you get in contact within the case of a problem?
  • What parts are covered under warranty?
  • What will the manufacturer do in case of a problem?
  • Are there any other terms and conditions?

Additionally, you can also check if your table is coming with a guarantee since it is imperative to test it after setting it up. Make sure you set it up properly and take it for a test drive before committing to a table. 


Now that we have talked about the different aspects of the massage table that you need to consider while making a purchase, let’s talk a bit about the mistakes people make and how to avoid them. 


One of the most common mistakes people make is the lack of research. You reading this article would be a sign that you are in the right direction and that you are willing to invest some time before investing any money.

That is a smart decision especially since you do not want to stuck with a table that you end up feeling uncomfortable with and end up regretting the purchase. That being said, don’t try to overdo things.

If you have read this article, that should pretty much cover all talking points to consider in your purchase.


You must consider the most relevant features of a massage table while making the purchase. For example, if you know that you will not be too mobile with the table, then don’t put too much effort into the weight or manoeuvrability aspect of things.

In that case, you can perhaps opt for a heavier table with more comfort and precision.

That is the reason we have tried to list out every possible customization that can be offered by a manufacturer. This will help you make an informed decision and you will end up with the best massage table in the world.


Since this will long term investment, try not to cheap out on some important features just because of a few bucks. A lot of the features mentioned above can take the massage experience to another level and you must understand that.

The entire purpose of the massage is to help the client escape into a different reality.

For a lot of people, the massage table is a safe zone and a place for peace and serenity.

There shouldn’t be anything that is taking that experience away from them and as therapists, it is your duty that you provide the best possible experience.

That is what will majorly drive repeat business since a good and a bad massage are both equally memorable.

Looks over comfort

Though some tables may be more aesthetically pleasing than others, it won’t make a huge difference. The client would majorly be having either their eyes closed or facing the floor.

As therapists, you can perhaps buy better shoes if you are looking for aesthetic appeal because that is what the client sees most of the time anyway.


There may be a genuine reason for you to be in a hurry to make the purchase but most impulse purchases do end up being duds. However, you need to be practical here and take the right amount of time before making the decision.

You can try to list down the things you think will be most important to you and then mix and match with the individual tables.


If you are buying a table for your home or your massage centre, make sure you have the exact measurements of the table and the space you are planning to set it up in.


As mentioned across the article there are several accessories that need to be purchased depending upon the kind of the best massage table you end up purchasing.

These accessories are of course optional are there to help you create a better experience for yourself and your clients. 

  • Back Rest Cushion – If you are planning to go with a two-tier table without an adjustable best rest then this is a must. It will help your clients get into better positions with additional back support for comfort. These cushions do vary in size and shapes and you can purchase the right one for your table according to your requirements.
  • Arm/Leg extensions – These will help you increase the surface area of the table to help you fit those slightly larger clients. Assuming that not all your clients would be needing them, you can simply carry them along when you’re using them and not all the time.
  • Trolley cart – This is a lifesaver for mobile therapists as there will be no need to carry a table around everywhere you go. You can simply add this ledge to the bottom of the folded table and push it around like a suitcase trolley. This can be easily attached to any portable table and can help save a huge amount of effort on your part which can then be focused on the client.
  • Head Cradle – Most tables will come with inbuilt cradles but if you are looking for that extra height on your table then you can always go for an attachable one. It will serve as an extension to the main table and can be a very useful resource for all therapists.
  • Table stabilizer – This accessory can serve several purposes such as preventing the floor from being damaged, increasing the surface area of the legs to give better structure, etc. Though not very commonly used, they are very beneficial and can make a difference if used properly.
  • Sheets – There are disposable sheets available for every part of your table. These sheets are great for hygiene and can also help you reduce your laundry bills. It will also help increase the life of the table since the sweat and oil from the body will be absorbed and disposed of.